Welcome to Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope. As an emergency dentist in Park Slope and a renowned general and cosmetic dentist Jim Sarji, DDS
uses the highest stanadards in dental technology to treat all dental emergencies. We also perform INVISALIGN, dental implants, root canal treatment and all forms of cosmetic and general dentistry. If you need to see an emergency dentist in the Park Slope area and schedule an appointment online or call 718-788-8009 and ask to see Dr Sarji or Dr Kostanyon as soon as possible. We will always try to fit you in.

dental office park slopeAdvanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope run by Jim Sarji, DDS has been providing outstanding dental care for over 20 years. The office was modernized to take advantage of all the technological advances possible and provide the highest form of outstanding care to dental patients in the Brooklyn area. We offer dental implants, root canal treatment, white fillings, INVISALIGN, 6 month braces, emergency dental care, laminate veneers and all forms of cosmetic and general dentistry. We also offer Cerenate veneers that do not require removal of painful tooth structure. We can provide complex crown and bridges and we use only the finest materials for dental implants.

Need an emergency dentist in the Park Slope area - Don't delay we are here to help...

IF YOU HAVE A DENTAL EMERGENCY IN THE PARK SLOPE AREA then we are here to help you in a state of the art environment. Dr Jim Sarji has been treating dental emergencies in the Park Slope area for nearly 20 years and is capable of treating all types of dental emergencies such as failed root canals, broken crowns, crowns that have fallen out,  missing fillings, chipped or broken teeth or even knocked out teeth. Dental emergencies always happen when you least expect them and they can happen anywhere. It is vital that if you are experiencing a dental emergency that you see an emergency dentist who is capable of quickly diagnosing what needs to be done, reducing the pain and getting you back on your feet as soon as possible. Here is a quick list of what to do in certain dental emergency circumstances.

Lost a filling or broken a crown? Delay can be dangerous and can only lead to decay. See an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

If you have a lost filling or crown there is the risk of damaging existing tooth structure unless  you have it repaired quickly. 

teeth whitening dentist park slopeREPAIRING A LOST CROWN OR FILLING is a fairly easy job for a dentist, but what is not easy is repairing one that is damaged either due to decay or chewing while the crown is not in place. The only answer is to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. When a patient loses a filling or crown it can be embarrassing especially if it is near the front - is usually something that you would like to see your dentist about immediately. However not just for aesthetic purposes the main reason that you would want to see an emergency dentist is in to limit the risk of decay to limit the decay to the existing tooth structure and to  make sure you don't crack what is left. Many patients leave it to last minute when something breaks of or they experience decay and pain. This only makes it a more difficult job for your emergency dentist as now they have little tooth structure to deal with and may have to place a post in order to stabilize the crown. This is something that Dr Sarji sees quite regularly at his dental office and he advises patients in the situation to see the dentist before the tooth becomes damaged or decayed and the procedures become more costly

As well as handling broken crowns and broken fillings we take care of all dental emergencies. If you need to see an emergency dentist in the Park Slope area as soon as possible then call Dr Jim Sarji on 718-788-8009. We will alsways try and fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. We also treat the following dental emergencies:

We accept Care Credit and many insurances. Please call our office on 718-788-8009 to dicsuss your insurances and what we accept.

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In 2004 we created painless dental implants

We have been producing perfect dental implants with a success rate of over 99% since 1998.

Now in 2016 we have performed hundreds of dentla implants at our recently modernized office in the heart of Park Slope.
We now carry every single implant size availabe. giving you the most versatile treatment


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Change your smile forever with dental implants. Dr Jim Sarji has received extensive training in implant dentistry and has given hundreds of dental implants to Park Slope patients. Find out how you can restore your youthful smile.

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The Invisalign Alternative - 6 month braces

Our 6 months braces are second to none.  They are intended for the adult population to help with crowded (crooked) teeth, slightly spaced teeth, over jet (classII), under jet (class III), deep bite (over bite), and open bite.

6 months braces is the perfect replacement for Invisalign, in most case 6 months braces will finish faster than Invisalign,  every candidate for Invisalign is also a candidate for 6 months braces.  Both Invisalign and 6 months braces will give similar results.  With the exception that 6 months braces may finish faster because the teeth will follow the prescription in the bracket and wires.  Whereas,  sometimes the teeth do not follow the thin plastic aligners.  In those case new impression need to be taken and new Invisalign aligners need to be ordered;  the process can take over a month until you get your new aligners.



INVISALIGN ® - WHY YOU MIGHT JUST BE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR INVISALIGN - JIM SARJI, DDS EXPLAINS WHY the process as to how exactly your teeth will be reshaped and why you may be the ideal candidate for INVISALIGN® .....

Having teeth that are not perfectly straight is unfortunate, but luckily thanks to INVISALIGN technology we are able to correct it using INVISALIGN clear braces technology using clear aligners.

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