Dr Sarji discusses composite fillings - also known as cosmetic fillings. 

 Like in all areas of life, changes are bound to happen, particularly in the area of technological changes in cosmetic dentistry. So now you are able to have fillings that not only resemble the color of your teeth (resin fillings), but are at the same time strong and long-lasting, thus, producing a healthy and happy smile.

What are the advantages to cosmetic composite fillings, you might ask?

The materials used in  cosmetic fillings (otherwise known as tooth colored fillings) are comprised of a mixture of  glass and plastic and is used to repair decayed teeth. After which using a specialized light, will begin by layering the composite fillings, allowing each one to harden by using the light. Following this part of the procedure, he will move on to shaping the filling in order to fit the very contours of the  tooth, and, thus, test the bite to make sure it is fitted properly. Once that is complete, he will use a special tool in order to prevent staining and of course, daily wear and tear.

 The advantages and  (possible) disadvantages of composite cosmetic fillings!

Lets begin with the advantages of this form of dentistry. First of all future tooth decay can be prevented, as the new filling is resilient to heat changes in the mouth and resistant to leakage. However, it is the overall aesthetic appearance because the Dr. is able to create and shape to the filling to closely resemble that of the patients natural teeth. The only disadvantage would be possible mild sensitivity at first. Also, if the patient returns to consuming large amounts of liquids such as coffee, tea, wine., etc., and foods that contain colored sauces, then staining may occur. However, to reduce the aforementioned disadvantages of staining, a clear coat can be applied for prevention of future staining.

Composite Fillings - The Cost

Thankfully, many insurance companies now cover the cost of composite fillings, even though they are normally twice the price  as that of silver ( amalgam ) fillings.

Following is a breakdown of all the advantages of composite fillings, to begin with:

  • Appearance and tooth color will be made to closely match that of your natural teeth just by using composite fillings, thus, making them be hard to detect a difference.
  • It is now not necessary to use either pins, grooves or slots to name but a few, when using composite fillings. This is all due its very nature  that  naturally bonds to your teeth.
  • Upon completion approximately 85-95% of your teeth will return to their original strength.  
  • You will not be waiting hours for composite fillings to harden, they take just minutes.
  • Composite resin fillings will reduce pain and sensitivity.


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